Black Panther

Coming out as superhero films continue more and more, and there’s better social equality demand, Black Panther naturally slots in. It’s directed by the amazing Ryan Coogler, an African-American who previously did Fruitvale Station and Creed, and Marvel have been really been rising in quality, which pays off in spades here. To this extent, the majority-black cast even feels natural, without being forced.
All said, Marvel does have an expected formula. Part of this means they’ve struggled to distinguish villains compared to their heroes. Michael B Jordan with Black Panther though really works against that, tying into the Wakanda homeland surprisingly and emotionally, and Andy Serkis has a ball as the eccentric Ulysses Klaue. Marvel’s also been called out for repetitive third-act beats. Although for example this film has got a third-act battle, it really works as its own thing, not least cause of the consistently amazing costume and production design.
And at the centre of all of this, of course, is T’Challa/Black Panther. Chadwick Boseman plays him with a cool youth while accepting more responsibility, especially with needing to become king following his father’s death. While in a smaller appearance, Martin Freeman as Everett K Ross performs an everyman well, cut up against the other characters!
What more can I say? Just see this film!!

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