The Florida Project: Retrospective Review

Directed by Sean Baker, previously celebrated for Tangerine with its compassionate iPhone cinematography and transgender women representation The Florida Project takes a spirited, impressionistic look at a six-year-old’s summer (Moonee, played by the authentic Brooklyn Prince). The relationship with her mother (Halley, who in Bria Vinaite’s case has a more limited performance, but it still works) also forms the film’s heart, while they work out their motel, living in poverty circumstances.
And with the Florida setting, especially against a Disneyworld backdrop, this helps wonders for the film’s cinematography and mise-en-scene and, in turn, perspective. It’s less a straightforward drama but instead feels like it takes you in and out of character moments.
As things proceed we get something of a story, partially involving the sympathetic motel manager Bobby Hicks (a fantastic William Dafoe). Though Brooklyn Prince steals the show throughout, amazing given she was only six at the time of filming. So friends, if you want to see an “upbeat”, sympathetic drama, The Florida Project aint a bad bet.

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