A Quiet Place

John Krasinski, noteworthily Emily Blunt’s husband, co-wrote and directed this, where both star in this horror as Lee and Evelyn Abbott too!.
They give an equally moving impression of a family surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, hunted by blind extraterrestrials with supernatural hearing abilities. Meanwhile, Lee’s played as a resourceful, yet vulnerable father, and Evelyn makes no bones about being a maternal badass.
If all this doesn’t sound like enough, well, with the extraterrestrial abilities, it helps A Quiet Place play out like a silent horror. The on-screen family even mostly speak with sign language, Millicent Simonds stealing the show as the couple’s daughter, Regan (note, she’s herself deaf, so brings a lot of experience with sign language). And her younger on-screen brother, Marcus (Noah Jupe), hits it out too, definitely vulnerable, but smart in his own way.
When it comes to the end result, just give this film a shot. This, Get Out and so on really show how horror can have its own artistic merits, like genres such as drama..

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