Dante: Retrospective Review

I watched this short film, Dante, when it first premiered and to start, it’s got this amazing, haunted atmosphere to it, evoking the likes of David Lynch and Nicholas Winding Refn. Naturally then, there’s not such an obvious story, and this appears effectively carried through by the director, Harry Fisher.

He opens us up on a black screen before showing the puzzling main character in his car during nighttime (eerie enough if it wasn’t for what follows). That’s where we soon see him during the day (played out in a montage sequence) largely cutting up cocaine and drinking vodka, before being taken back to the scene before. All this in mind, my guess would be the filmmakers (credit too to Reece Aherne, the director of photography) are giving us an ambiguous sense of dread. You then decide how to put the pieces together.
So overall, I definitely loved this short film. And as Focal Length Films’s debut, hopefully there’s more to come!
P.S, you can watch Dante here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP_-wZ13K3I


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