Lean On Pete


Charlie Plummer’s sure to be around for some time to come, with Lean On Pete, and All The Money In The World last year. Here he’s Charley, with an alcoholic father and ends up working for a racehorse, Lean On Pete, but after Pete’s being sent for slaughter, Charley goes on a journey with him..

Our director Andrew Haigh before this did films including Weekend and 45 Years. Both were really well made, naturalistic dramas setting their characters up against a landscape, and the formula works here nicely. 

Indeed, before the journey, Steve Buscemi shows wonders as a cynical horse trainer, Del Montgomery. Same with Chloe Sevigny as his girlfriend, Bonnie, and it should be said once this journey gets going, things get a little more ambitious, in the best of ways though. Great cinematography to go with that also.

So, check Lean On Pete out if you like nice, well-done naturalistic dramas and up-and-coming actors, as Plummer definitely should be with this and All The Money In The World!

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