Deadpool 2

I liked the first Deadpool but truthfully, apart from some good jokes and Ryan Reynolds, it felt somewhat lacking.

Thankfully, ladies and gentlemen, this sequel is bigger and better, the character development for one definitely being better. Reynolds again proves badass as Wade Wilson/Deadpool, with some more conflict this time, Josh Brolin as Cable does a perfect more serious (charming too) antagonist, and so on.

Then you aside from just Cable you have other new cast members as well, where Zazie Beetz as Domino definitely makes a cool impression, and Julian Dennison’s funny and conflicted like in the great Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

And returning people like Stefan Kapicic (Colossus) and Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead, brill name right?) make better and deeper impressions.

Plus, two things might bring your attention if you’ve followed the production. T.J Miller (Weasel) has been making headlines for not good reasons. So if you know what’s happened (should check for yourselves) his performance might distract a bit. But he’s not in it enough that it becomes a problem, so it turns out okay. Then Tim Miller, who directed the first Deadpool, left this one because of creative differences. Thankfully David Leitch, one of the two John Wick directors, taking over, steps up above and beyond! Seems to have done a good job with escalating the scope, but also making sure we care alongside this jokes and action mixture (great and more satirical jokes).

Overall I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a good time at the movies. Against the first Deadpool it does a lot better with character and action and moves things naturally forward. Give it a shot.

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