Solo: A Star Wars Story

This was originally made by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, before they were fired because their way of working was supposedly taking too long (what I believe from what I’ve read anyway). Ron Howard then took over directing, and I like what’s turned out.
It’s not perfect. I mean, Alden Ehrenreich kills it, so that’s something less to worry about! So does Emilia Clarke, and especially Paul Bettany, etc.
But it doesn’t quite nail enough until later on. Don’t get me wrong this is probably a 3 1/2 rated film, but until Paul Bettany turns up as the gang person Dryden Vos it doesn’t always have the energy, say, if the original directors had made it. For what it is though the film turned out as great as it could have, and this hasn’t made me lose any faith in Lucasfilm post-Disney buy.
See it.

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