The Incredibles 2

Been a while since I posted my last review, but better late than never!
So what do I reckon about The Incredibles 2? Well it takes place literally straight during, and after, the first one, both a good and bad thing. Good, because immediately they can go deeper into the first film’s themes like parenting responsibilities. And while on the subject, that’s more a reverse role this time around as Ellen Parr, aka Mrs Incredible, voiced by the amazing Holly Hunter, goes on an important mission, in place of Bob Parr, aka Mr Incredible, voiced by the amazing Craig T. Nelson). You have more amusing and deep moments pretty much in order, then. However, the world feels a bit more restricted because of the proximity, an issue that plays on and off as the film proceeds.
But we get great returning actors at least, also including Samuel L Jackson as Frozone, and don’t worry, he definitely has his supersuit this time :P, alongside great new ones including Bob Odenkirk as Winston Deaver (should discover the rest about him and others for yourself).
What’s my opinion in all then? I’d say The Incredibles 2 is about as great as the one before, meaning it’s definitely worth a shot.
P.S, for any curious geeks, as the director + writer, Brad Bird more than redeems himself for Tomorrowland with this!

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