Mission Impossible: Fallout

So what bother hasn’t Tom Cruise got himself into these days eh? I’m only saying that before I properly start this review as we probably all know he broke his ankle on this film, of which the take actually turns up, and it really represents something about how committed and deep surprisingly this film is.
I mean deep as in one of the coolest parts is whereas the other Mission Impossibles are pretty much stand-alones, this actually shows cause-and-effects from the other ones. Most obviously this comes from Rebecca Fergurson’s Ilsa Faust, a perfect and relatable foil to Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. His character this time round apart from breaking his ankle, faces new depths, not just in coming across her again, but even his ex-wife (Julia Meade, played by a brilliant Michelle Monaghan). Christopher McQuarrie, as the writer-director returning from the last one, unites those threads and more, also with a really cool eye towards action, though that feels as much to Cruise’s influence as a producer as his (although they’ve collobrated a lot).
And Simon Pegg’s once again on really cool affable form as Benji, Ving Rhames as Luther feels quite badass, and so forth. But one of the most impressive turns, if a little generic, comes from Sean Harris as the villain Solomon Lane. That’s where I have a complaint because without really spoiling anything it’s cool how he ties into the past threads i’ve mentioned, but the downside is he has yet another generic villain plan. It’s a shame, because otherwise I feel like this Mission Impossible‘s on top form, probably the best one.
All in all then, give it a go, after all, Tom Cruise put breaking his ankle into making this! (and I haven’t mentioned Henry Cavill yet as August Walker. That’s not because of mustachegate, which you should google, but he’s one of the more surprising and brilliant performances. So in the spirit of this hopefully casual review, i’ll just leave it here!)

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