Even if he might never be able to top his classic, Do The Right Thing, Spike Lee writes and directs here what’s probably one of 2018’s most important and energetic films, that being BlacKKKlansmann. It’s based on Ron Stallworth (played by John David Washington and matching his father Denzel in the acting commitment stakes!) infiltrating the KKK with help from a white colleague of his (Flip Zippermann, played by Adam Driver who’ll continue being one of my favourite actors and BlacKKKlansmann does no disservice to).
What’s most curious then is how Lee manages such a tightrope between satire whilst never undermining the serious stakes. Part of that actually, comes from how for example David Duke, the KKK’s leader, is portrayed by Topher Grace with such normality, to a point only one KKK member Felik Kendrickson “stood out” to me to be honest. This only makes them creepier though and makes the energy stand out in a way, so full marks to everyone!
But above all, and you need to watch the film to get the full impact, Lee notably closes this with footage from the notorious Charlottesville rally last year, and an important part of that footage shows Trump acknowledging menace on both sides. What he’s probably trying to say here is how the battle’s really not over yet, and with that in mind, I won’t say anymore, other than that you really won’t regret BlacKKKlanssman!

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