Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians features an all-Asian cast, and was made by an Asian director. Yet it’s considered an American production, and mostly the characters, Chinese, speak in English.

This is all the more fascinating when taking into account how China’s currently the 2nd-biggest film market worldwide and at its rate of growth, could one day be the 1st! But anyway, enough reflection for now, what did I think of the film?

It’s really good as a film, about a native New Yorker, Rachel Chu, who goes with her boyfriend to meet their ultra-rich family, in Singapore. Mostly it plays for laughs, even as all of this is grounded in the boyfriend’s family coming from an ultra-rich class, which given their Western connections, may also explain why they mostly speak English.

But then as events go on, in ways I won’t spoil, the pace stops being so breezy and the melodrama really shines. I have to say personally i’ve been skeptical before about the director, Chu, but he seems to pull everything off so well that whatever your political/cultural inclinations, you ought to have a good time with this film. Don’t miss it!

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