Obviously Nicolas Cage has a reputation for being a “crazy actor”, I won’t deny haha. Personally I’ve got a lot of respect for him though, especially in light of recently when he defended his acting as like a “state of being” (only going for the often-used naturalistic style in a few films, like Joe (2013), which I loved). And I also love his new film, Mandy. It’s directed by Panos Cosmatos and features Cage as Red, who hunts down a religious sect after murdering his lover, Mandy, played by Andrea Riseborough (I don’t consider that a spoiler by the way, as it pretty much kicks off the main story).
Surrounding all of this too is a whole style of surrealism, mixed in with exploitation elements, etc. And you completely buy into Cage’s acting as a result, where he’s a natural piece of the pie.
So ultimately when it comes to it, I can only then really recommend you watch Mandy to believe what i’m saying. Much better than something like Ghost Rider after all, which he still put blood, sweat, and tears into..

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