Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

Mixed feelings about this film. On one hand, there’s some pretty awesome moments, like in an opening where Grindelwald (the villain, played by Johnny Depp, who’s great) escapes captivity, where spectacle more than matches standards.
On the other, being completely honest, The Crimes Of Grindelwald can be a bit too intricate for its own good. No spoilers but there’s a few continuity-related moments which may even confuse hardcore Potter fans. And let’s get an elephant in the room out of the way. Earlier this year there was controversy when David Yates, the director, said this film wouldn’t “explicitly” address Dumbledore’s homosexuality (for what it’s worth too, Jude Law does quite a cool, swaggery job as a younger Dumbledore). And on the whole they don’t, but there’s definitely at least three moments where if you wanted to, you could pick out his homosexuality, so there’s also that.
Meanwhile, Eddie Redmayne’s less irritating and more well-rounded this time as Newt Scamander (the protagonist), Ezra Miller’s really cool (and tortured!) as Credence, Katherine Waterson deserves a good mention for her role (as Tina Goldstein), etc.
I’ll close all this out, in the end, by saying that although TCOG has its moments, ultimately everything feels a bit too complicated and generic. This is a bit awkward to say, knowing J.K Rowling did the script, as I really admire her, but then again, she’s usually writes books, so that might help explain why everything appears a bit drawn out..

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