A Couple of Shorts by Freewheelers

Recently I was made aware of Freewheelers Theatre, a wonderful and diverse media and theatre company, whose stated aims are to “work with disabled and non-disabled artists using theatre, dance, film, music and animation, and to achieve high production standards in accordance with a people-centred approach, with the end result aiming to surprise people.”. Plus, they have two new short videos out on Vimeo, “Back Where We Belong”, and “Tomorrow”, and here goes with what I thought of them, and how I think they help service a great company:

Back Where We Belong centres around different family generations within the context of a funeral/wake, and makes particular note of people returning from the war, where on the whole, the short doesn’t follow a straight-up narrative but rather, instead, is experiential, and really worth it because of that.

Then you have Tomorrow, an upbeat and funny take of an age-old story of man meets woman, with both falling in love.. The film follows the pair as they get up and go to work from their separate houses as he’s organised, together and on time, whereas she isn’t.. The resultant effect incorporates a cool little musical, involving a large number of cast members illustrating story though song and dance, and great acting shines through.

But in the end, I’ll close everything out by saying just watch the shorts! Have included the links to both, as well as for the Freewheelers website, below: (Oh and the company welcomes new artists and volunteers to get involved in their work.):




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