One of my favourite cinema memories happens to be seeing Split with a housemate, as when the ending comes up with Bruce Willis, according to him I lit up like a Christmas tree (an Unbreakable sequel finally being confirmed)!

So the question is I guess, does Glass stack up?

I’d say yes and no. On one hand, people like Spencer Treat Clark (as Bruce Willis’s David’s son, Joseph) really stand out, no question. On the other, although M Night Shyamalan (the director), does wonders setting this sequel largely within an asylum, overall it feels a bit too clever for its own good. His Twitter after all, cites Hitchcock as among his major influences, but I don’t remember HItchcock preaching conventions in his films quite the same way..

So, should you watch this? If you’ve got low enough expectations and don’t mind seeing the likes of Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson in restrained states, then the answer’s yes. If not, then maybe don’t bother..

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