High Life

I’ve been made aware of the great Claire Denis (French no less!) as a filmmaker, but never got round to watching her stuff. Well, I can say after watching High Life that I’m eager to watch the rest of it!

Starring Robert Pattinson (he’s really come a long way hasn’t he since Twilight?) as the protagonist, Monte, this takes place in outer space as a group of convicts are on a mission to extract energy from a black hole. Now, it’s more of an intellectual film than you might immediately think (or not), presumably influenced by the likes of Solaris, and frankly ends up being a kind of film we need more of really. You’ll come off more the better for watching this.

There’s also more I could say, such as how brilliant Juliette Binoche is as the scientist Dibs, but I’ll finish up by just saying this really is worth your time, especially if you awesome “alternative” intellectual films 😀.

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