John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum


This is definitely an interesting film. A perfect film? No. But as a bit of fun for 2 hours and a bit, you can’t go too far off.. Basically, if you’ve been following the past two John Wicks, Keanu Reeves plays an assassin who’s dead wife gifted him a dog who was murdered and he’s been seeking revenge since.. Yeah, it’s all a bit trippy.

But frankly that’s part of the fun of this. Characters survive events that usually would be impossible to survive, and down to the use of operatic music elements, it feels like we should take it seriously regardless. Halle Berry even makes a fun appearance as an old flame, Sofia, with two badass dogs to her name.

What’s left for me to necessarily say? Check it out! It’s not the best of films and might take itself too seriously even though it shouldn’t, but it’s a damn good time at the movies overall!


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