Toy Story 4

What can I say about Toy Story 4? Number three appeared to wrap everything up in a neat little bow, and therefore there might not be such a need for a fourth one. However, I suppose like with life, everything has a next chapter, and this definitely manifests in this one.

To me, the results are both good and bad. For example, mild spoiler alert, number four opens in a prologue where Bo Peep, one of the original Toy Story toys, is taken to another family, and we then soon after go to the remaining toys’ new kid, Bonnie, as she’s settling into life. The honourable Woody, voiced as every by the amazing Tom Hanks, sees his duty to ensure her well-being. This is even as she makes a new toy, Forky, very funnily voiced by Tony Hale, and everything ensues in a bit of a road trip, which I won’t spoil, but I’ll give you some other points instead.

E.g., one of the things that happens is we end up in a carnival, and see hilarious characters like Duke Caboom, voiced by the amazing Keanu Reeves, and the admittedly smaller than might be expected backdrop is one where we see the nature of toys and what they might be made for.

Now is it perfect, especially given the standard set by the last three? Not necessarily, I mean it feels like more of an epilogue if anything, which is a tricky standard but nonetheless what an epilogue, it may not be perfect, but it sure keeps us entertained and moves us along the way!

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