Hale County This Morning, This Evening


I don’t always watch a lot of documentaries, but Hale County This Morning, This Evening is an exception, and made for good reason, as you’ll find out!

Set in Alabama (USA) and following an African-American community, it’s a kind of informal documentary that follows a few individuals within and compares their lives with striking imagery and an informal mode of address. For example, there’s one bit that asks “Where does time reside?”, posing the question as equally, we experience the delights of time-lapse photography and trials and tribulations of parenthood, but all of this is never to a point where you’re beat over the head with messages.

To sum up then, however you can watch it, I strongly recommend this. RaMell Ross did a fantastic job and it’s kind of up to us to support these type of films. Give it a go.

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