So, it’s a Danny Boyle film, written by Richard Curtis, so what could you expect?

The answer is an interesting one. At it’s heart it’s a predictable musical rom-com where Jack Malik (an endearing Himesh Patel) wakes up one day and no-one knows who the Beatles are, and he takes advantage by passing their songs off as his own. Now it’s a really intriguing story, and Lily James as his love interest Ellie is equally endearing in her own right, but what annoys me is, like with a typical Richard Curtis script I guess, is with this intriguing story, it actually plays it safe. Still, Danny directs this with more than enough style that it doesn’t necessarily matter.

All in all then, I’d recommend this just about. It plays a bit safe, but if you’re in the mood for a safe, energetic film, you’ve probably come to the right place!

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