Pain And Glory

Pedro Almodovor’s always been, from what I’ve seen of his films, a reasonably flamboyant, sumptuous director, and here’s no exception, only it’s more restrained this time round. Starring one of his collaborators, Antonio Banderas, as a director, Salvador Mallo, he’s basically going through a mid-life crisis and this really allows Almodovor to play with time and style, losing none of his flair even if it’s admittedly more restrained this time round. Therefore as well, this is probably the most mature of his films I’ve seen, perhaps little surprise given how we tend to become more reflective as we get older! It also plays with themes like identity in ways I don’t want to spoil, and therefore I won’t say much more, other than that even if it’s not a perfect film, it’s a must all the same even if you’re casually into film!

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