IT Chapter Two

So, reviewing IT Chapter Two, what do I have to say? Both parts, directed by Andy Muschietti, seem to have a fair bit to say regarding existential fear and what have you, and are both decent exercises in stylistic horror too. But does Part Two deliver on the promise of the previous one, or could you say this sequel is more diminishing returns?
If I’m being honest, Part One is better. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Part Two has more than enough style to spare, but overall at its two and a half hour plus running time, it feels a little excessive and overlong, frankly. Still, the story of a “Loser Club” of friends returning to their home town (Derry) to fight an existential being manifesting itself as a clown, Pennywise (played by an excellent Bill Skarsgard), just about holds up enough. It’s also worth noting that this is set twenty-seven years after the first one, where the Loser Club returns as adults.
Also, they are serviced by an excellent cast, ranging from Bill Hader (a scene-stealer, much like his kid counterpart, Finn Wolfhard), to Jessica Chastain. The emotions are admittedly a bit generic but the cast are definitely excellent enough all-round, doing what they can with the script.
Another note is that although horror is inherently subjective (meaning what scares you may not necessarily scare me), for me it was disappointing as across this long film, there were only four or five slight jump scares and the atmosphere wasn’t scary enough. So I was a bit let down.
And this sort of comes to the end of the review. If you’re up a bit of excessive, overlong horror!, this film will likely be for you. Otherwise, you’re better off checking out something like, for example, the latest Halloween (2018) film..

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