Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

So, a particular narrative structure of Star Wars (the Skywalker Saga), definitively comes to an end here. Question is though, with 40+ built-up years of hype and JJ Abrams basically as the director sort of being brought on at the last minute etc., does The Rise Of Skywalker deliver?
It’s sort of a mixed question and I’ve got a mixed answer. As a lifelong Star Wars fan (a cliche to say by this point I know 😛), I felt nervous going in. Fortunately having now seen this, I can relax enough. Putting it mildly the filmmakers had a huge job to do, respecting 8 films that came before this one and under a deadline, but you feel a certain love throughout and it’s got surprises too.
However, although part of the love and with that filmmaking energy keeps you on your toes, it seems that the price is almost too much gets thrown at you. Again they were under a lot of pressure but if me as a lifelong Star Wars fan felt overwhelmed at times, imagine how a regular person might feel? Plus, can’t really say anything without spoilers but another side’s that certain plot points, important ones, don’t hang together like they could have done.
All the same, I think as a general aesthetic experience you can take what you want to away from it. As a regular audience person you can at least feel the energy behind it all, and there’s enough imagination as well as reverence to me that I think The Rise Of Skywalker‘s worth it. Go see what you think of the film!
P.S, I was really wondering how they were gonna handle Carrie Fisher, given her death. Without giving anything away, I’ll just say they did a beautiful job.

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