Little Women

I didn’t know anything about the story of Little Women itself or previous film adaptations going in, so I felt new as I sat down to watch it. Coming not knowing anything about it at all, did this put me at a disadvantage? Or did Greta Gerwig, the writer and director, suck me in anyway?

Funnily, the first thing that set alarm bells was seeing the “U” rating. Nothing against them on the surface, but I wondered if it then felt like there was going to be enough drama. It kind of feels like there is, though as it has a structure that jumps back-and-forth, I definitely got confused at times.

This, even though the cast whether it be Saoirse Ronan or Timothee Chalamet, is fantastic. Indeed without spoiling anything, Little Women feels beautiful on a certain archetypal level. Yet I was still confused enough to be at a disadvantage compared to people who might have read the book, for example.

Although, what saves it is that also even with a lack of true dramatic feeling, is the obvious passion behind the film. The actors perform with real integrity and Gerwig sure commits as the creative force behind everything. So I’ll recommend this on the whole.

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