Anyone who knows me would probably acknowledge I’m passionate about issues such as #MeToo. And this has been marketed as the first big #MeToo-related film (not a surprise given it has actors such as Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie and that it targets a Fox News boss scandal, all set during Trump’s pre-election campaign). So what did I think of it, does it do the subject matter justice?

To begin with (for around the first forty minutes) it feels like The Big Short in that it consistently breaks the fourth wall enough to try and explain a lot, with style. I don’t mind this approach as it happened to work, but all the same I prefer to be drawn into a story. With something as hard-hitting as this, ideally you should just be drawn straight in.

But after the first forty minutes or so it absolutely does draw you in. Don’t want to say too much as it’s best to discover the reality of what happened yourself (it has a disclaimer actually at the beginning admitting parts are fictionalised, to protect the victims). I will say however that with the team of the director Jay Roach, writer Charles Randolph, and producer Charlize Theron (also acting amazingly in this) and so on that it’s equally “entertaining” and unfortunately timely.

My only other point then is about Trump’s prominence in the film’s background. Admittedly he’s impossible to avoid given his Fox News devotion and how he impacts other elements of the story, yet all the same I wonder if because we’re polarised enough towards him as it is, they could have thought about that more? For the record I definitely don’t support him and he is worth addressing, but we don’t win by keeping his shadow front-and-centre. Maybe it’s just what it is.

See this film regardless. It may not all hold up, but if say you’re curious about how art can help stimulate the conversation surrounding social issues, this is 100% worth watching.

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