The Day Shall Come

Having last directed and co-written the bravely satirical Four Lions (2010), Chris Morris returns basically a decade later with another bravely satirical film, only this is pretty different.

It’s pretty different because the story’s mainly about a multi-ethnic Miami preacher (Moses, wonderfully played by Marchant Davis), who while the FBI is in the midst of, and still being pressurised to set up targets as false extremists (post-911 there continues to be a lot of pressure with supposedly saving lives per this method) is chosen as the next target. Mostly this comes via Anna Kendrick’s character (a feisty scene-stealing FBI agent – Kendra Glack – desperate to prove her worth), and here’s where events really gets curious.

I say they definitely get curious because despite the 88-minutes running time (one of the few flaws, because the satire kind of feels consequently rushed), there are enough pains to understand all sides. For example, what Glack does is clearly wrong, but her “innocence” means to me anyway, that you’re constantly conflicted. Likewise, the FBI office we see is actually small compared to what you might think, and the other FBI characters oddly appear to have enough so-called human moments amongst them all. So, as Moses alleged naivety escalates and the conflict between his family etc. becomes clear, you’re against the FBI regardless.

It’s tricky stuff to talk about especially because I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that despite the too-short running time, The Day Shall Come always lampoons but makes you think about very grey subject matter.

Ultimately then, you’ve got to watch the film!! Chris Morris feels like one of those few entertainment voices that genuinely digs deep and presents all sides, which to be honest appears somewhat uncommon.

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