System Crasher


I happened to come across this in Total Film magazine, and it piqued my curiosity, so I thought why not give System Crasher a watch?

And boy, was it worth a watch, although the subject matter’s admittedly quite raw. It’s a German film directed and written by Nora Fingscheidt where per undercover research she happened upon, she’s explained in interviews how she’s happened upon underdeveloped socially children and how it relates to Germany’s whole child welfare system. Thus through this movie the story’s about a 9-year-old girl (Benni), a very underdeveloped socially girl really desiring to get back to her mother.

However, all of that’s significantly complicated by how although clearly you see that social services are nice and want to care for her, they’re somewhat underfunded and have so many layers of complications to deal with. It wouldn’t necessarily do me justice for me to try and go into what System Crasher then shows as a whole. What I’ll say though is the movie services the complexities quite well through something of a raw filmmaking style. For example, Fingscheidt makes regular use of a handheld camera, and only uses more evident stylistic touches here and there (mainly when the girl’s trauma is triggered, through a visual device I won’t spoil).

So I definitely encourage you to check out System Crasher if you can. There’s loads thematically it makes you think about during the movie and after and on a side note, I read it was this year’s German Oscar nominee. Usually I don’t pay lots of attention to the Oscars, but that Germany selected as socially-relevant a film as this as their industry’s representative may suggest a lot about the subject matter. You can’t miss System Crasher. 



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