Military Wives

I recently watched this with my parents via quite an interesting release strategy, PVOD (Premium Video On Demand). That means a film’s simultaneously watchable in the cinema as well as purchasable per streaming. It’s nothing new by all means, but it’s curious that given the Coronavirus some studios are releasing certain movies straight through this method, including Military Wives. But why specifically bring this up, and not the film itself first?

I’m bringing the release strategy up first because although the film’s based on a very inspiring true story, meaning a collective of English military wives who form a choir both for raising awareness about themselves and their husbands, it promises cinematic appeal. Yet for me anyway, it never grabs me in such a way that I feel I would have rushed to see this at the cinema if I could have (The Invisible Woman‘s another film that’s lately trying PVOD, and I’ll certainly remember seeing that at the cinema).

Don’t get me wrong, the actresses, whether they be Kristin Scott Thomas or Sharon Horgan etc., all kill it, and there’s quite a moving bit involving the youngest wife of the choir that I won’t spoil. Unfortunately though it never truly grips until the third act. Given the director Peter Cattaneo previously did The Full Monty, which had tons of raw collective energy, it’s a shame. Plus it can’t help but feel telling that Rocky‘s referenced more than once..

Still, in the end there’s lots of people who would love having been able to see this “safe”, upbeat film in a multiplex. Depending on your point-of-view, it’s a harmless bit of fun that you either wouldn’t mind checking out casually in your own house, or really feel like enjoying in the open. You decide.

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