Sicilian Ghost Story

I read about Sicilian Ghost Story in Total Film and Sight & Sound, and then really felt like giving this movie a go once it came out. Didn’t regret this one bit.
I didn’t regret it one bit especially because Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza, direct a horrific true story with a spiritual undercurrent that never feels disrespectful. That undercurrent we mainly see from the relationship between a Mafian’s son Giuseppe, and Luna, the latter being made-up here but you’d be surprised how respectful the film is, in alignment with the otherwise true elements.
The truth comes from Giuseppe’s father snitching on the Mafia, to the police (we don’t see this by the way, which tells you something about the tone), and the Mafia retaliating by kidnapping Giuseppe. Almost all hell breaks loose and the Mafia aren’t shown a lot and have none of the romance you see in films including The Godfather (obviously an all-time classic though, I must say). We feel redeemed though by the focus on Luna, an avatar for lost innocence and the main thing keeping Giuseppe going.
It’s worth noting I can’t think of a single bad thing really about this film, so i’ll shut up and say go ahead and watch it, it’s avaliable to rent online so easy to access!

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