How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The second one kind of ended in a way that suggested all’s well overall, and being one of DreamWorks Animation’s only¬†ūüėȬ†acclaimed film series’, you might wonder whether they can keep it all up?

Well 3 definitely goes some way to trying. The main character Hiccup, leading an island (Berk) co-inhabited by dragons, finds out there might be this dragon utopia, the Hidden World, where they can permanently live in peace! There’s an interesting theme of Berk being so welcoming to dragons that it could draw bad attention (an immigrant allegory if ever there could be one!), but unfortunately I think because number 2 ended so decently, it’s a little hard to match up. This being even as the animation’s better than ever, and so forth.

Still, it’s a solid 4-star film in my opinion, and you could do worse than to try a family film that’s actually good for everyone!


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