Squid Game

Me gets a little cynical about Netflix because if 2 minutes counts as a view then are we just picking things off of a buffet like at Pizza Hut??

So Squid Game‘s quite the achievement. Across 9 episodes, Seong Gi-hun rises as a tragic protagonist, while he and unfortunate others play a sadistic series of survival games for money. It’s Britain’s Got Talent, but with a Battle Royale spin 😜. Pacing never really lets up, and character barely coming at the expense of entertainment.

Doesn’t mean the show’s a complete masterpiece though. A game or 2 stretches into repetitiveness, and at one stage we get into the same “rich people are evil, the poor people are good” lecture we seem to get so many times.

But that’s all ultimately small fry compared to the success here. South Korean content really seems to travel, so watch this while the moment lasts.


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