Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Back in July I came across Sasha Baron Cohen pranking a far-right rally while disguised as a singer. Knowing him I assumed this was all part of a project, although I wasn’t sure what.

Now I definitely get an answer. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm takes place exactly today and follows Borat as he goes to America again to redeem himself after the first movie. He unexpectedly has a daughter that comes along and the initial idea’s that he sells her to Mike Pence. As genius as this might pick up on absurdity-wise I couldn’t help but feel at times the original Borat was more immediately sharper, but that comes from the character being low-key at the time and therefore riper for picking out satire targets. Hence probably why a fictional father-daughter relationship’s worked in amidst the (for real?) pranks.

So, although we might not be 100% sure of who is and isn’t on the joke, it almost doesn’t matter as they work in a number of genius targets here around said relationship. One visit to an abortion clinic comes to mind, as does a definitive stand-out interview with Rudy Giuliani (Trump’s lawyer) that I’m not going to describe in this review.

That everyone achieved as much as they were able to with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind surely highlights the ingenuity on part of the creative team, and by extent crew. All in all then, although I’ll still say it doesn’t reach the heights of its prequel, it appears to achieve (as of now) all it might want to as a project. That’s worth cheering.

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