Wonder Woman 1984

It’s been a really interesting year, certainly for film, and with Wonder Woman 1984 accidentally being 2020’s closing movie there’s pressure riding on that to deliver. Worth a watch?

For sure it’s worth watching. To go too much into why’s spoilery but I can say that amidst its epic OTT spectacle is a well-earned message of hope (let’s put it this way, greed ain’t good!!). Set in 1984 (no George Orwell parallels far as I was able to see), it follows Wonder Woman as she leads a secluded life following the first film, where Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord truly stands out as the anthesis of greed being good. And no it’s likely coincidence that he’s a media personality businessman. This is set during the 80’s while Reagan, an ex-actor, was President. Trump wasn’t President then!

Somehow Chris Pine returns from the dead as Steve Trevor too, and I was worried that might undo anything from Wonder Woman 1 but actually, once you watch this chances are you’ll see it ties into 1984‘s themes beautifully. Equally beautiful is Gal Gadot both appearance-wise and with her acting. You might complain that she’s “reliant on a man love-wise”, but I reckon it’s all part of the character’s maturity.

My only complaint then really is as it gets into the 3rd act, once again as with these kind of films the running time feels a little too “epic”. That’s hardly new to Hollywood or indeed film itself, but it’s disappointing how given all we’ve learnt over the years something like pacing keeps slipping from filmmakers’ grasp at times.

It’s a bit silly to complain too much though when everything it feels like this film wants to say it basically accomplishes, nothing being obviously left open for a sequel. So here in the UK whether you watch this at a cinema or when it comes to Sky Cinema in a month’s time, it’s seriously worth a go!

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